Frequently asked questions:

Q: When and how often does r34porn upload new comics?
A: Porn Comics are uploaded almost everyday between 2 – 10 comics a day.

Q: How do i become a verified member and upload comics?
A: We are not accepting any at the moment.

Q: Is there a way to download the comics?
A: Downloads are not available for users at the moment but we might be adding that feature in the future for registered members.

Q: Which browser do you recommend that works best browsing porn comics?
A: I personally recommend Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Q: Why do i see some comics bundled together with multiple chapter and some others are separated?
A: The way we determine is dependent on how the comic itself is structured. If the comics is structured in chapters format then we would bundle them together in a chapter format like how it was meant to be and it would also make life easier for users to read and follow up on a comic story. When the comic is structured in a sequel format then we would separate them since they are sequels after all.

Q: Does this website have a discord?
A: Yes we do, you can join the discord by clicking

Q: What do i get for registering and signing up on this site?
A: You can bookmark your favorite comics and can easily access them with your list of collections whenever you want to bust a nut to it again or continue reading from where you left off. There’s also a history feature where you can track the past comics you’ve recently read in your account section. You can also customize your comic reading page layout in your account settings under “Reader Settings”.

Q: Why can’t i upload my custom profile picture in my user account settings?
A: We have disabled that feature until further notice.

Q: The comic I’m looking for isn’t on this site, can i do a request?
A: Yes you can, just contact the admins on
Discord and we will do our best to meet your request.

Q: I love this website, how do i show my support?
A: You can show your support by telling your friends about this website and bookmark us by pressing CTRL + D on Google Chrome.

Q: Where can i contact the site administrator?
A: You can email the administrator at alcmedia [at] protonmail [dot] com or you can just join our Discord and contact her from there.

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